Hotel Schneider

Cover artwork and more design for the ex-Muff Potter frontman
Dennis Scheider and his new Angry Soul band.

It was a pleasure to wander through night time Kreuzberg on the hunt for a fitting motif to underline the depressive and hang out mood of the main song. Finally, the service station just around the corner caught our eye, becoming the visual of the new album cover Wenn alles vor die Hunde geht.

Special thanks to Ole Wulfers, who took the pic with his iPhone. Beautiful things can be this easy.

We feel honored!
A year later, another musician liked our cover a lot and decided to do a redesign.

We take it as a compliment and regret that we didn´t include any fog. ;-)

Further designs and sketches
for social media platforms and single covers.

Some of them made it in the online stores, some of them not.